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Euro VAT Refund

Leading VAT Expert in North America:
Your local source for international VAT matters

Euro VAT Refund, Inc. (EuroVAT) is a leading U.S. financial services firm based in Los Angeles. EuroVAT specializes in assisting North American companies in managing Value Added Tax (VAT) reclaim and registration within the European Union, Japan and Australia. Established in 1993, EuroVAT acts as your trusted North American based VAT department, your source for all international VAT questions on reclaim, registration and management. EuroVAT is a highly cost efficient way for you to access international VAT expertise through a local U.S. source.

Euro VAT Refund'’s dedicated and experienced staff combines financial and technical knowledge with excellent customer service to ensure VAT registration compliance, and maximized VAT refunds and management. EuroVAT is unique from other financial services companies in that all claims and account management done for our North American clients are performed in the U.S. at our Los Angeles office. This ensures that our clients are serviced by experienced U.S. VAT experts that have on-hand access and knowledge. EuroVAT has strong, long term working relationships with various international VAT authorities and local VAT experts. Among our clients you will find Global Fortune 500 companies as well as small and mid-size companies conducting international business.

Euro VAT Refund provides a U.S. based reliable full VAT service for any North American company entering the European, Australian and Japanese market.

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