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Intellicore Innovations is comprised of ANALYSTS and EXPORT Specialists that assist EXPORTERS in identifying Overseas Buyers in the IDEAL EXPORT MARKET for their Product. Our Advanced ALGORITHM Specializes in finding the "SWEET-SPOT-MARKET" for Optimum SUCCESS. Intellicore's CEO who has been serving on the District Export Council for over a decade, by direct Appointment of three consecutive U.S. Secretaries of Commerce, founded this company to provide this needed service and educate U.S. Exporters on the core fundamentals because so many exporters as well as consultants in the field simply got it wrong.

Intellicore Innovations' POWERFUL one-of-a-kind ALGORITHM provides valuable INSIGHT and Actionable Market Intelligence to help management make informed CRITICAL decisions when expanding into new international markets. Our Computational and Statistical ANALYSIS is UNMATCHED in the industry. Gain unprecedented access to the Most Critical Data for your Success in the Global Marketplace.

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