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Kick Stops

100% American Made.

KICK STOPS are the future of cargo restraint. The KICK STOPS™ cargo restraint device works to secure all pallets inside your enclosed trailers, ships and trains. Its design is rugged and easy to use. Simply place the device next to the pallet you need secured and kick the KICK STOPS™ cargo restrain device into place. That's it! You're Done! To fully restrain the movement of the pallet in both directions, use a second KICK STOPS™ cargo restraint device along the adjoining side and repeat the process.


• Pallets will not shift/move in transit
• Greatly reduces damage to cargo
• Minimizes insurance claims
• Safer on the road & unloading
• No special tools needed
• No re-palletizing cargo
• Faster unload times
• Inexpensive and reusable
• Eliminate time consuming dunnage
• Replace expensive load bars and cargo straps”

Paul Preston, President, CEO
Tel. 513-623-4781

Bryan Wentz, National Sales Manager
Tel. 949-522-6575



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